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Access Report

Access Report Abalina Cottages

We can provide a shower stool, bed grip and comode chair. Please request at time of booking.


Cottage 1 is the more suitable cottage


Abalina Cottages consist of two self contained cottages in the middle of the town of Bright. Each cottage has 3 bedrooms, 1 ensuite and 1 main bathroom. The cottages are spacious and open plan with outdoor entertaining areas but neither are fully wheelchair accessible. They could suit semi ambulant users. Of the 2 cottages, Unit 1 (right hand side approaching) has a more accessible floor plan.

Bookings to the accommodation are prearranged and keys are left in an agreed place. The owners are happy to meet guests on arrival if assistance is required.

Transport to Bright is via private vehicle or V-Line services. V-Line trains run to Albury or Wangaratta and there is V-line coach link up from Wangaratta to Bright, via Beechworth. The coach service is an accessible vehicle. Contact V-Line on 136 196 for information on availability and schedule.

Each cottage has separate concrete driveway that is 2500mm wide, and a garage of width 3500mm. The garage has an auto door opener. Circulation space is limited circulation through the doorway (780mm wide) from the garage to the house due to a wood pile. There is designated parking in front of the garage

The path of travel from the driveway is via a brick paved path of 950mm wide. There is a slight gradient of 1.3% going down towards the front door. At the front door there is a 130mm step. The door is inward opening and 780mm wide. The lever door handle is 1040mm high. The door is light to open with no self door closer.Through the doorway a 3m hallway of width 1050mm leads to the lounge and kitchen area.

The cottages are open plan and tiled in the main living areas and bathrooms, and low pile carpet in the bedrooms. In each cottage there is a main bedroom with ensuite, two bedrooms with queen beds and another bedroom with a king single bed.

Kitchen/ Dining
The kitchen is self contained with microwave, oven, stove top and dishwasher. Tea/coffee facilities are supplied. Breakfast is available to purchase. The kitchen bench is 900mm high and items such as tea/coffee/kettle are at a reach of 590mm. There is adequate circulation space within the kitchen area.

There is a dining table and a breakfast counter of 900mm height with knee depth clearance of 290mm.

Lounge area
There is 1 x 3 seater couch and 1 x 1 seater in the lounge area (with an additional cane tub chair . Both seat heights are approximately 470mm. There is a flat screen TV with remote that is accessible. Furniture could be easily moved to provide more circulation space.

The main bedroom with ensuite is the first room to the left after entering the cottage. The inward opening door width is 780mm and the lever handle at 1050mm high. There is adequate circulation space within the bedroom with approx 1000mm to either side of the bed. The bed is 600mm high and could be moved or raised on blocks to provide more space. Space under the bed is 90mm. There is hanging space in built in robes at a height of 1420mm and there is a full length mirror of 600 – 1850mm. Bed pole available to assist getting out of bed.

The ensuite bathroom is entered from the bedroom. There is a cavity slide door with clearance of 740mm. The handle is a recessed ring and at 1050mm high. The door is a medium weight. There is not adequate circulation space for a wheelchair. The floor is tiled and the mirror height 980 – 2000mm. Hand held shower. Shower seat available.

The washbasin is 880mm high offering 700mm knee clearance and a depth of 550mm. The single mixer tap with lever is at 1020mm high.

The shower circulation space is 870 x 1200 with a glass screen and door with clearance of approximately 700mm. There is a 40mm track on the floor. There are no grab rails and no hand held shower.

The taps are at a height of 1020mm. A shower chair could be provided on request.
The toilet is 400mm high and side transfer to it is obstructed by the vanity. It is 500mm from centre of toilet to the wall and vanity and there is 650mm from the rear wall to the front of the seat.

Other Facilities
There is an outdoor entertaining area accessed from the living area. There is a sliding door that opens to 970mm clear with a 180mm step down. There is adequate circulation space outside with area approximately 10 x 2.6m. Facilities include a BBQ, table and umbrella.

Each cottage has auditory smoke alarms. They are only 200 metres to the Bright Hospital along a wide concrete footpath.

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